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I ain't dead damnit!

1) New pet (lizard). Convinced s/he hates me. (no other reptile has ever screamed at me, plus we're not together 30 seconds and the little fucker bites me). There will have to be some bonding over "listen bitch, I FEED YOU!" later, in the mean time I feel terrible because I think I scared the ever-loving brains outta this poor thing. 2) My old boss has a PolitiBlog ( - For all you fans of my left-wing(nut) tendencies you'll love it. For all the ight-wing, reactionary xenophobic, homophobic, anti-education, anti-choice, pro-gun, racist sons of bitches I keep around because..... because... well because there's too damn many of you and I'm outta places to hide the bodies - Please visit, I like watching your faces turn purple :-) (Yes, that was mostly a West Wing quote.) 3) No Phish isn't dead. I restocked my shrimp supply last weekend and he's happily munching away on their crunchy goodness (one shrimp per day, fucking addict. Stop begging!). "Tetra BabyShrimp (Sun Dried Gammarus) - Ingredients: Sun dried baby fresh water shrimp (Gammarus Pulex) Only." Oh, and crack. Definitely contains fish-crack. 4) Crickets suck; Jumpy little motherfuckers have to be refrigerated before/after/during opening, and I have no idea if the lizard has eaten them or if they just went into deep hiding in the cage. Must order mealworms, much easier to keep track of - dump 'em in a bowl andcount how many disappear. 5) WTF@Mealworm shortage - Has it really been that long since I kept a bug-eater? The damn things breed like nothing else, I remember in grade school the damn experiment overran the entire science corner of the classroom because someone left the lid off the box they were in. I should get a 10 gallon tub of oatmeal and start a fucking farm... 6) Work is rockin' - Major network reorganization this month and I'll finally have the universe exactly where I want it so I can be comfortable running things :)