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On the subject of Patriotism


A big deal is being made about NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem in protest of racial injustice (like the fact that a black guy is more than twice as likely to be shot by a cop than by anyone else in our society).

I think you all know where I stand on this, and I've spoken extensively about it on Twitter. What I am going to address here is the issue of patriotism - specifically the expected public displays of patriotism in our culture. Read on if you dare.

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Racism, Violence, and Mental Health


 For those of you living under a goddamn rock, a white dude walked into a predominantly black church and shot the place up. He killed 9 people.

That's really not what I've decided to spend my lunch hour talking about though: I want to talk about mental health in the context of mass violence. So if you want to hear about that go ahead and click through to the rest of this entry, otherwise move along on your merry way.

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Feminism: Birth Control, and Abortion - A rant in 2 parts.


 There is currently a hashtag on Twitter - #MaleProverbs - and I would like to take this opportunity to encourage everyone to read it, for it is indeed filled with great truth and stories of epic douchebaggery. If you recognize yourself in some of these tweets then take note, for you may in fact be a douchebag.

There is however one that bothers the everloving fuck out of me, and about which I am going to rant for the remainder of this blog post:
@LunaGemme: "-Any opinion on birth control & abortion- #maleproverbs"

Come for the lead, stay for the rant, but you'll have to click through.

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Dear Congress...


 Dear Congres,


Seriously, just FUCKING STOP.
I read this one today and just couldn't believe it guys:


A bipartisan group of senators will introduce legislation to stop the FAA from closing any control towers to meet its sequester cut requirements. "The Protect Our Skies Act, which is co-sponsored by a bipartisan group of 18 Senators, would prohibit the Department of Transportation (DOT) from closing any air traffic control towers, including those that are operated by the FAA," says a news release issued by Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla), one of the bill's sponsors.

So, basically in your infinite stupidity you all went ahead and created a law that imposes budget cuts so draconian that they say it's inconcievable that it woud ever be allowed to go into effect, then when you pull the trigger on this massive bazooka pointed at the nation's head and realize essential services are getting cut as a result your answer (rather than doing something sane like passing a reasonable budget) is to start legislating agencies into an impossible situation: Cut your budget, but don't cut any of the services you provide.
Frankly I'm not a huge fan of the tower closings (a bunch of towers at fields I would like to visit would be going away under the FAA's plan, and I think it would turn the airspace over Connecticut into a marvelous knot), but I'd rather the FAA make those cuts rather than wiping out more center and approach controller positions, eliminating maintenance inspectors, or countless other options with potentially more devastating safety implications than closing 150 towers.
So my dear esteemed congresscritters, I would like to know two things:
  1. Exactly what economics program did you all flunk out of?
  2. Exactly when did you all become experts on the national airpsace system?
You all seem to be laboring under the misguided assumption that you can cut a budget without cutting services.
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the FAA is a service agency, and those services are (a) essential, and (b) provided by people.  If you want them to cut their budget they're going to have to cut the least essential of those services, and that - I'm sorry to say - pretty much means "Towers". The other option is to make deeper cuts to approach control and centers, which at least in my little corner of the airspace system are already working above capacity.
You also seem to think you know better than the FAA how to run the nation's airspace. First you stomp your feet like petulant children and DEMAND that the FAA integrate unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) into the airspace, now you pitch a hissy and try to micromanage the way they deal with this budget crisis you idiots created.
Frankly - you're full of it, and messing with things you don't understand, so PLEASE just fucking STOP - you're making it worse!
Just sit on your hands and resist the urge to try to legislate anything until your term is up and we can replace you with something more useful (like perhaps a stuffed wombat.
No love,