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DHL - When it absolutely positively needs to be lost in transit, accept no substitutes.

Apple Hmm... So I finally get around to ordering my replacement battery from Apple (Go AppleCare!) Here's where we're at:
  • Apple shipped me the new battery last week.
  • DHL can't find my apartment. It's the only big fucking brick building on the block, but they can't find it.
    I seethe and give them directions.
  • DHL STILL can't find my apartment - It's been 4 days since the battery shipped. I get annoyed and call Apple.
  • Apple helps me yell at DHL, and we reroute the package to my office.
    DHL should be able to find the office - I've seen them deliver here before.
  • My package goes on a continental tour:
    PA to NY; NY to NY; NY to PA; PA to OH; OH to NY
It's been 9 days since the package shipped. It's still not here. DHL. SUCKS. BIG. FLOPPY. DONKEY. DICK. (I feel bettah now)

The problem with Apple...

Apple So, everyone knows I'm a Mac user right? that's not news? And I've never had a real complaint to make (Well, the "Genius Bar" is less than useless, but it caters to the clueless faithful who love OS X for the glitz and GUI, but phone support has never been anything but helpful...) So what's my bitch? Well here's the rub from eWeek's AppleWatch blog. It looks like we're back to harping on "Macs cost too much" -- and you know what, I think they do. Continue reading "The problem with Apple..."