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DHL - When it absolutely positively needs to be lost in transit, accept no substitutes.

Apple Hmm... So I finally get around to ordering my replacement battery from Apple (Go AppleCare!) Here's where we're at:
  • Apple shipped me the new battery last week.
  • DHL can't find my apartment. It's the only big fucking brick building on the block, but they can't find it.
    I seethe and give them directions.
  • DHL STILL can't find my apartment - It's been 4 days since the battery shipped. I get annoyed and call Apple.
  • Apple helps me yell at DHL, and we reroute the package to my office.
    DHL should be able to find the office - I've seen them deliver here before.
  • My package goes on a continental tour:
    PA to NY; NY to NY; NY to PA; PA to OH; OH to NY
It's been 9 days since the package shipped. It's still not here. DHL. SUCKS. BIG. FLOPPY. DONKEY. DICK. (I feel bettah now)