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Zoom Zoom (Apple, not Mazda)

Apple Stock
So, many of you know that I lost my bet last year that Apple would close over $200 at the end of the year -- The beginning of our "Bagel" (that's what we're calling the recession now) caught everything pretty hard, and Apple is just now pulling out of the hole (See picture). Putting this in perspective a little, Apple has almost completely recovered it's December 2007 value, while both the Dow and NASDAQ indices are still in their valley wallowing in general sadness. Mind you not all of my investments are doing so well with the bagel-recovery (The mutual funds you're seeing are all still down compared to 12/2007 value, VMWare is still a net loss b/c of a 12/07 correction when they announced financials), but Apple continues to be a rising star in my long-term portfolio. For the record, my Apple stock is up 161.64% over cost (across multiple purchases during its rise in 2005-2007; The initial purchases back when it was a $50 stock with an uncertain future are up well over 200%). I'm pondering additional buys, but I'm really waiting for a split (& possible buy-back from Apple, Inc.). How's everyone else doing? :-)

You little git!

UNIX ZOMG! Something good came of Linux? I'll eat a Yankees hat... Yes folks it's true, something that Finnish Fucktard created has actually impressed me. The lead developer at the new job was shopping around for a new version control system (because CVS Sucks) and he wanted to try GIT because of its offline capabilities (commit locally when you're not connected to das interweb, then push it up when you are). For the record, that's something SVN doesn't do either. So I set out on a mini crusade to learn about and deploy GIT for him - Stumbling along the way into a bit of Python called gitosis which allows you to manage GIT repositories & access using SSH keys (w00t?). I played around, deployed it, ran a wonderful CVS-to-GIT script, and found GIT + gitosis to be quite good. I'm even considering moving some of my stuff into GIT. GIT also has one major advantage over CVS/SVN in my mind -- The distributed local copy is a full repository - therefore each workstation with a working directory is a de-facto backup of the master repository (as of whenever a pull/update was last done). Should a meteor strike the GIT master server all one would need to do is put one of these repositories on another box somewhere and development can continue relatively uninterrupted (minus the gitosis configuration -- I haven't quite worked that out yet). Continue reading "You little git!"