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You little git!

UNIX ZOMG! Something good came of Linux? I'll eat a Yankees hat... Yes folks it's true, something that Finnish Fucktard created has actually impressed me. The lead developer at the new job was shopping around for a new version control system (because CVS Sucks) and he wanted to try GIT because of its offline capabilities (commit locally when you're not connected to das interweb, then push it up when you are). For the record, that's something SVN doesn't do either. So I set out on a mini crusade to learn about and deploy GIT for him - Stumbling along the way into a bit of Python called gitosis which allows you to manage GIT repositories & access using SSH keys (w00t?). I played around, deployed it, ran a wonderful CVS-to-GIT script, and found GIT + gitosis to be quite good. I'm even considering moving some of my stuff into GIT. GIT also has one major advantage over CVS/SVN in my mind -- The distributed local copy is a full repository - therefore each workstation with a working directory is a de-facto backup of the master repository (as of whenever a pull/update was last done). Should a meteor strike the GIT master server all one would need to do is put one of these repositories on another box somewhere and development can continue relatively uninterrupted (minus the gitosis configuration -- I haven't quite worked that out yet).
Anyway, the upshot is that we'll be officially migrated to GIT here as soon as the dev team stabilizes the code and I make the final CVS-to-GIT sync. And of course there's no zealot like a convert -- I hereby renounce all the good things I've said about CVS (which isn't much), and most of the good things I've said about SVN (which is mostly "it's better than CVS") and officially exhort you all to migrate your version control goodness to GIT. Of course as usual I welcome hot-headed debate on the subject of whether or not GIT sucks -- gitosis is written in Python so it sucks by default. Keep it civil and no Nazi references please.


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Justin Dearing on :

*Personally, I'll stick to subversion. On a semi related note I think my next OSS project wil lbe on google code. Sourceforge is to damn bulky. Web monkey.

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