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IP Wars: Revenge of the $sth

So as some of you may or may not have heard me bitching, Invision's IP management scheme is roughly one step below "Write it all on a clipboard". It's electronic (which is good), but also brain-damaged (it things that is a valid netmask, and doesn't care if you define overlapping networks). Why do I care? Well, our CTO is about to go before the allocation gods in a very Oliver Twist way. Small and humble, he shall go before the great robed IP gods of ARIN with his rWhois in his hands, genuflect, and utter the fateful words "Please sir, I want some more?". Invision's rWhois is managed by the aforementioned brain-damanged software. It believes we are using about 50% of our IP space. We believe we are using roughly 83%. ARIN says you must efficently utilize (their words) 80% of your IP space before they give you more. If our CTO goes before the numbering gods, they will strike him down for the sin of having a broken rwhois server. And they would be right to do so. We are technically in violation of our reporting requirements, as the aforementioned broken software feeds the rwhois server, and the rwhois server does not like the way our data tastes. Continue reading "IP Wars: Revenge of the $sth"