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$this->search(RealEstate::new({location => 'NY-METRO', price => 'Cheap', size=>'Reasonable'});

... 1 match found. For those of you wondering where I've been the last few months, the answer is "Buying a f***ng house, now leave me alone!" Ever the nonrtaditionalist (and displaced City Boy), I'm not buying an actual house (two main reasons - #1 is the median home sale price ($500,000), #2 is my aversion to shoveling snow). I've picked up a nice co-op in Freeport (for far less than it should sell for) and will be closing on Monday (11/19/2007).
So what exactly is a co-op? It's a marvelous little arrangement - Most of the benefits of home ownership (you build equity in something that will increase in value), and not many of the hassles (someone else handles landscaping, snow removal, roof repairs, etc.) -- A great arrangement for lazy sacks of shit like me! (There are some other upsides (like being able to claim interest on 2 mortgages) and downsides (you don't own real property) which will be the subject of another post). What does it look like?  Well I'm glad you asked! (Actually I hate you for it. Die now kplzthx?) The new picture for the "Home" category is the outside of my building. Pictures of the interior will be coming after closing and the changing of the locks. *** [A note to the LJ folks - This is the first entry where I'm enabling LJ Comments. We'll see how it goes - If I get the kind of crap comments I've gotten in the past they're going to be disabled again. Also if you want me to read (and guarantee archiving of) your comments, you'd better post them to the real journal @ ]


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