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Hazy dayz of summer...

Flying More flight training this past saturday. In haze. Again. The bright side is that if I can learn to fly in this crap "VFR" (who are we kidding? There's no horizon!) weather, I'll be able to fly in damn near anything. The bad news is... there's no horizon! So yeah, I was all over the sky (not like WAY all over the sky, but definitely not going to hold up to the PTS - Altitude +/- 100 feet my ass!) At some point I'm sure this will all come back to me, and I'll remember how to put the airplane where I want it, when I want it. Also I couldn't keep a turn coordinated for shit - my feet and my brain not much on the speaking terms. I was skidding across the sky (though I managed to roll out on heading about 75% of the time).
Anyway the major point of the lesson was stalls, and I didn't do terribly -- I remembered the entry procedures pretty well and have them fully committed to memory now (lights, fuel pump, slow down, flaps 10, (no carb heat b/c the dew point spread was wide), clearing turn, flaps 25, clearing turn, flaps full, throttle to idle, right rudder to stay coordinated - wings level, pitch up, angry beavers (stall warning), nose down & full throttle (carb heat already cold so no need for that, & kick in even more right rudder too keep the wings from dropping), level the wings & level the nose, 55KIAS & start taking off flaps, flaps up by 75KIAS, pitch-power-trim for level cruise @ 90KTS). I blew the first few stalls (let the nose drop too far & dropped about 100', and almost spun one of 'em 'cuz my wings werent quite level on entry), but got back into the feel of it with the last few and only dropped about 30-50' with the wings staying mostly level. Next lesson - even more stalls, and if the haze cooperates possibly some ground-reference work.


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