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TheSteve is Dead, Long Live TheSteve


 So as anyone who has not been living under a rock knows, The man I affectionately refer to as TheSteve (Steven Paul Jobs of Apple, Inc. fame) has died.  He leaves behind a legacy that includes one of the most remarkable corporate turnarounds in modern American history, catapulting what was a foundering Apple Computer into what we know today as Apple, Inc. - Maker of the iEverything.

TheSteve was an iconic figure - Famous (infamous) for his perfectionism and capricious nature, and gifted with the ability to know what the masses wanted before they knew themselves.  Products like the iPod and iPhone stand as a testament to that vision.

I'm not going to further eulogize the man - Hundreds of people have done so far better than I ever could - Instead I'm going to re-open this blog by commenting on some of the commentary.
This entry may grow, or it may just remain the big two that caused me to write it - as always my blogging is totally mood-dependent.

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