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Cocaine... Runnin' all 'round my brain...

Sittin' here thinking 'bout back when Everybody I knew, was my best friend cocaine, running all round my brain It was you take Sally, and I'll take Sue and if you let me see your coke, I'll take Sally too cocaine, running all round my brain Uh-hu mama, ain't it strange How a mind can turn, and a life can change Cocaine, runnin' all round my brain There was damage to the body Damage to the soul Damage to the quality of the Rock n' Roll And the years spent stumbling around half knowing something that something was wrong And it don't help now, but you can look back and see how some of us damaged are creativity And there are good friends of mine that are dead and gone uhhuh, mmmhmmm, cocaine Now I ain't saying, it wasn't fun at the time Staying up for days on end, crazed out of my mind Waking up in strange places feeling like the army had marched across my tongue And look at me now, sharp as a tack Except for a few billion brain cells I wouldn't mind having back Now you take Nancy, and I'll take Ron No telling what kinds of drugs those two are on Inner city ghetto children, going down slow Ron and Nancy wanna tell them you can Just Say No Then they cancel the school lunch program, buy a few more tanks Uh huh, come here quick The hypocrisy, bout to make me sick Well ya finally get so tired, of walking around looking and feeling like shit You decide Today is the day is the day I quit Till a little later in the evening You start thinking about...Whatcha gonna do? But I wouldn't have been a user, even one more day If you could have shown me how I was helping turn a profit for the CIA Cocaine, runnin' all round my brain

Car? What car?

Yup... it's gone. Frame bent, no car for Mikey. Now I get to shop for a new one (with all the extra money I have... someone needs to find me a rich old woman so I can marry her, have her die, and become rich). Oh, does anyone drive a VW Rabbit? Any opinions? Anyone? Beuller?

I love the snow!

Really! I mean it... okay fine I'm being sarcastic. So I'm driving home today and wonder of wonders, they actually PLOWED the roads on Long Island after a snowfall. This is a new and exciting thing for me, but I'm being conservative with my driving since I know that at any moment I could discover that the plow drivers' consortium has decided NOT to clear this particular section of road... And so I'm driving down NY-110, doing about 40MPH (as opposed to the traditional 60), when the truck in front of me decides it's had enough and sheds a few goodly-sized chunks of ice and slush 10 yards in front of me. 10 yards sounds like a lot, but at 40MPH it's really not, and with cars on the left of me and an unplowed shoulder on the right and a wet slippery road under me I really don't have many choices: Downshift hard and definitely skid, or engine break gently in 4th gear, hit the pile of slush, and maybe skid. You all see where this is going... Continue reading "I love the snow!"


A man with one clock always knows what time it is. A man with his own time lab makes me fucking jealous. Not that I don't have quite the collection of timekeeping crap myself - a nautical chronometer, my cell phone (which has 2 clocks), 3 computers (all sync'd off of friendly NTP servers), and the quartz thing on the wall - but damnit, I want a cesium clock! I want to be able to conduct experiments to prove the theory of general relativity just to say I've done it! Yeah... I've got nerd envy. I got it bad.


I was just bitten by a fish. I feel hurt, and betrayed. Also, I can't stop laughing. Silly fish. (I'm not drunk damnit!)