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Hey! I'M BACK!

Not Dead (Still). So in other news, I finally took a huge step toward not renting anymore - I'm officially in the market for a dwelling. So what am I looking for? - A Condo or Co-Op (because buying a house in New York is just INSANE between the price and the taxes and the upkeep -- UGH!) - It's gotta be a 1 or 2 bedroom (because sleeping where you eat is wrong, and if someone ever moves in with me we'll need to be able to get away from eachother sometimes...) - Somewhere on Long Island (Nassau/Suffolk - Because I still work on the island, and because I can't afford Queens or Brooklyn...) - Something in the $100,000-$150,000 price range (because I know I'll go as high as $175,000 if the place is right) - Maintenance can't be insane ($1500/yr is the high-side of reasonable to me...) I'm also looking for a mortgage (since I'm not independently wealthy and $100,000 isn't exactly "Walking Around Money"), so tomorrow's tour includes a brief stop at my local WaMu branch to inquire as to the pre-qualification process for both a traditional mortgage and a "Co-Op Mortgage" (essentially a stock loan...) (More below the jump!) Continue reading "Hey! I'M BACK!"