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[Apple] [Eye] [Phone]

Apple Y'all seen it.
The Apple iPhone has come to town. And yay verily it's fucking cool looking, and behold the faithful want them and will give up their left nuts to have one... Ya even me. So for those of you who don't know, I use a crackberry. A RIM 7520 to be precise. And it's not a bad little device, except for everything that's wrong with it:
  • eMail
    The one thing the crackberry is good at, and it aint that good at it. In order to make my crackberry work with a UNIX mail environment, I need to forward my mail to my crackberry address. This means I need to manage two different copies of my mail (one in my inbox, one on the crackberry).
    It also means I have an email address, that gets spammed up the ass because it has no antispam protection. Can we say UberSuck?
  • SMS (Texting for you pflaming pfaggot kidiots)
    Put simply, the crackberry BLOWS for SMS. On a good day, it shows me as the from address. On a bad day it just says "|". Either way I have NO clue who messaged me.
  • Linear Voicemail
    OK, so I don't NEED visual voicemail. I don't NEED to be able to pick and chose whose messages I listen to...
    Sorry... better now... but yeah... Apple is good at that -- You never realize how much you NEED something until they show it to you and say "Wait 6 months and we'll let you have it".
    The bastards.
  • Browsing for a Browser
    I want Safari on my phone. I want Firefox on my phone. I want to be able to view a page with FUCKING FRAMES!
    I'm sick of being treated like a backward retard who is still running Nutscrape Navigator 2.x (If you dont understand this, you're too young to use the internet. Kill yourself. NOW!). I want FRAMES and JAVA and AJAX and Quicktime and I want it NOWWWW!
  • Goodies
    OK Steve-O... you said it runs OS X. Bitch, gimmie my fucking terminal! And where's my ssh client? And you DAMN WELL better ship a VNC client (or let me run one).
    This device could well be the answer to my mobile management dilemma - VNC, SSH and I'm good to go. All the better if it works over WiFi.
Of course the iPhone has some disadvantages too...
  • Price
    I've never known Apple to compromise on this. $499. That's a tough nut to swallow. Not insurmountable, but ouch though.
  • Cingular
    I've never had them... I've had friends who had them. They were unimpressed.
    They lose bonus points from me for not being able to do WLNP ("keep your number") on my 914 number. T*Mobile said they could - why can't Cingular? (Note that this is based on their online "Thingy" -- I'll look into this in greater detail as I prepare to bail on my Nextel contract ;))
  • Battery
    So am I the only one who noticed the seamless back? I don't know about you, but I happen to abuse the living shit out my cell phone batteries, so I'm kind of worried about iPhone possibly not having a replaceable battery.
    More to the point, I think Apple should make it possible to replace batteries in ALL their products. How many of you have a 2G or 3G iPod that you dont use because it plays for 45 seconds and then goes splat? Wouldn't it be nice if you could use that iPod by just chaning out the battery?
    Yeah, I'm t3c KrayZee.
SO, yeah... short version: I want an iPhone, but I can wait until July and do some more research first :-)