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CoreDump Two Duo?

Apple Long time no blog. I promise I have a good excuse, and as soon as I think of it I'll post it. AAAAAAAAAAAAAANYWay... As I predicted based on the Rumor Mill, right after I got my MacBook (Core Duo), Apple went and released Core 2 Duo machines. FUCKERS. So, here I sit with a problem that is equal in scale to Dr. Krish Pumping his Llama in the middle of the Automata Theory class. To Upgrade, or Not To Upgrade - Whether 'tis nobler in the balance of my bank account to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous hardware prices, or to take my medicine and hang on to the MacBook for 2-3 years like a good disciple of the Upgrade Cycle - and in so doing, save $2000. Continue reading "CoreDump Two Duo?"