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I'm an asshole

And I really hate myself right now. That's all. Go away and leave me in my misery.


Apple Apple Stock closed over $80, Just like I said ($80.85) iWeb - Just like I said OS X Upgrade (Not a leopard but still, it's something) Intel-Based Dual-Core MacBook (So it's not a powerbook) Intel-Based Dual-Core iMac. Only thing I don't like is the price... $2500 is a lot for a new laptop... I'll consider it eventually. That's all... Oh, and One More Thing that's not Apple-related :)

What here with the thing of Apple-y goodness?

Apple It's a reality distortion field. It makes people buy stuff. This would be good... as a.... marketing tool... for the boosting of the stock... in the cold winters... of the Osbourne syndrome.... And it's happening tomorrow -- That's right, The Steve is gonna get up on stage and do his thing with the announcing of the new products for the recovery of the stock price. I would like to point out that AAPL is currently at $76.05 (down $0.25) right now; I fully expect $78 to $80 tomorrow. I also expect, for the record: -> A .MAC improvement of some kind. I'm guessing iWeb (Apple web design software, obviously integrated with .MAC) -> An Intel-Based Something (Probably a portable; Either a single-core iBook or a dual-core PowerBook. -> The end of Firewire on "consumer" machines. (Yeah that sucks, but the piss is on the wall with that one) -> Cheaper iBook/PowerBook systems (Apple can't compete with the other Intel manufacturers unless they start cutting prices); -> A large cat in a black box with an X on it (OS X Leopard(?) - 10.4 has been out a while; 10.5 is coming) Anyone have guesses? :-A