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Ugh... Wednesday: Got to work at 9am, Juniper shat itself around noonish, left work around 5AM, finished rebuild from home, went to sleep around 6ish, got up at noon to go to work again. Today (Thursday): Got to work at 1pm. Meeting at 2:30 for change management group. Server builds for new projects and web site fixes for a new client (garnered from one of our former clients who disappeared from the face of the earth). Cleaned up the mess we left in the datacenters and did an inventory of "old shit" that should be replaced. - Sidenote, we own 24 Dell PowerEdge 4300s. Big Ole' Honkin Non-Rackable Boat Anchors they are too. Put together a spreadsheet for tomorrow detailing what ancient hardware we have and any faults reported on the panels to present to management begging for replacement fundage and/or equipment. Got out of work around 10pm. Celebrated by watching Voodedoo episode of Foamy. Tomorrow: Casual Friday. Walking out no later than 5:30. GOOD NIIIGHT NURSE! :-)