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Oh Yeah, you need an upgrade!

MetaBlog OK so for those of you who were too damn stupid to notice (or too damn nice to tell me, or who didn't stumble across one of the b0rked features), I done broke my frackin' blog. Long story short I upgraded the server that hosts this little disaster in cyberspace - Good for me (and good for the server, which now has 2 power supplies, a RAID array, and other things that servers should really have). In the process I restored this bog from backups, did a fixperms because I renumbered a few users (including me) out of the "UID < 1000" range, and broke LOTS OF SHIT, including the ability to make new entries! I've fixed the broken shit now and this blog is now accessible at its usual home ( as well as on LJ ( Enjoy the show as always.

Wow... Comment Spam...

MetaBlog Like... Wow.... I actually got COMMENT SPAM on my blog! Well, actually it was a trackback to some jackass selling "p1lls and m3dz" or some such. Anyway, I've gone ahead and become a comment nazi. Y'all need to do the "type in the letters from a picture" bit now. *sniffle* I feel all "Mister-Big-Time-Blogger" now. My crappy ass homegrown blog never got comment spam. There will be a real entry at some point this week, promise.

Why Serendipity? And what's with the new site?

MetaBlog So what made me chose Serendipity? I wrote a pretty good Blogging engine a while back, DB Backed, Searchable, Secure and Safe comments, decent IFRAME-based front-page display, RSS Syndication.... Then my system crashed, and I lost that work, along with over 100 entries, lots of media and my will to rebuild the thing. In its place, I found the desire to rebuild all of in a unified way, with a CSS-Based theme, and so Serendipity (0.8) was chosen. Serendipity brings a collection of nice features, but more to the point, it brings a nice, unified look and feel which will eventually be carried over into the rest of the site. Look for improvements at the usual (glacial) pace :)