Answering your question is like solving the mystery of the dead cat: If you bring me a dead cat all I can tell you is that it's dead, and it was a cat.
But if you hand me a dead cat and you tell me you found it in the middle of the road - HA! What killed it?
  • A car?
  • A truck?
  • Heat Exhaustion?

  • Now you're getting it -- OK, you find the dead cat in the kitchen of your favorite restaurant: What killed it?
  • The chef?

  • What are we talking about here? Context.

    Context: the difference between road kill - and a meal.

    This page is someone's way of telling you that there is something critical missing from a question you asked -- details -- context -- the critical pieces of the puzzle we need to determine whether or not we should be scheduling a funeral for a beloved pet, or setting the table for dinner.

    Maybe you can take the time to go back and fill in those details?
    Thanks for reading!